BRIEF  /  Matchfire was hired to brand CForce and launch it into the marketplace. 

CLIENT  /  CForce Bottled Water

ROLE /  Branding, Digital

AGENCY /  Matchfire

What makes CForce different from every other bottled water brand on the market? It's Chuck Norris's personal water. After discovering a sustainable water source on the Norris land, the CForce team asked Matchfire to build the brand from the ground up. I was tasked with developing multiple eco-friendly packaging options and building a simple website where people could learn about the brand––and the legend behind it.



The CForce wordmark was the only piece of branding to the name (that they were adamant on not changing, to my dismay) when I was tasked with this project. I first worked to develop how this could translate to their packaging design, and from there extend that into an overall visual language for the brand to follow. 

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The CForce logo provided by the client.

Starting with the bottle design, we landed on a reversed out logo printed on a clear substrate to establish a sleek look for the brand. Gradual values of their brand red helped to lay a solid foundation for the logo to pop off. Subtle ripple details were printed in white to add some dimensionality to the label. 


The next step in preparation of the launch was building CForce's online presence. The website's simple layout supplied straightforward information about the product, the water source, and Chuck's involvement in the brand. I had some fun creating some social images as well.

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CForce launches in early 2017 and is fully prepared to punch the bottled water industry in the chin. Don't be surprised if your favorite brand of water packs their bags and goes home. And don't blame me, either.

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