BRIEF  /  Create a website that stayed true to a newly created GOOD+ brand identity and extend the brand's design language.

CLIENT  /  GOOD+ Foundation

ROLE  /  Digital

AGENCY  /  Matchfire

If you're a human being with a pulse, chances are you know who Jerry Seinfeld is and exactly what he does for a living. What most people don't know, however, is that his better half is a rockstar philanthropist with a passion for helping underpriviliged children. Jessica Seinfeld started GOOD+ Foundation to help supply low-income families with the tools to provide for their children, and in turn, improve conditions for these families across the country.



After rebranding to GOOD+ Foundation from Baby Buggy, the organization's name since 2001, the GOOD+ team came to Matchfire and asked for a completely revamped website––featuring a new brand logo, color palette, and... not much else. I knew the site had to evoke a sense of friendliness, comfort, and care that a family in need would be looking for, while also remaining professional, established, and not overly "cutesy," as this could drive away major corporate sponsorship opportunities.


Iconography was a driving force in GOOD+'s visual language, as it helped to bridge the gap between a juvenile brand identity and a well-established philanthropy. 



Jessica Seinfeld and the GOOD+ team were thrilled with the design of the website, though to be completely transparent, it did not get developed as well as I had hoped. Media coverage of the rebrand was sky high, with screenshots of my work being featured on programs such as Good Morning America and New York Live.