BRIEF  /  Create the identity for SnapWag through a brand logo and packaging design.

CLIENT  /  SnapWag

ROLE  /  Branding, Packaging

AGENCY  /  Jolly Roger Workshop

My partnership with SnapWag started with an unusual request: a friend of mine told me he needed a simple logo for an Instagram account that would center its focus entirely on posting pictures of cute dogs. Now, as far as I knew, he liked dogs just as much as the next guy. But did I ever imagine he would start an Instagram account dedicated to such a cause? Not a chance. 



Soon it became clear: he quickly amassed a following of 20k+ social media followers in just a few months with this strategy. After sharing his vision with me, he brought me on board for the second phase of the project––creating a new brand identity and packaging to sell to these newfound followers.

The first logo I developed needed some love, as it became evident that the "brand" I first developed for his Instagram didn't visually communicate what the brand represented (besides being associated with dogs).

I went back to the drawing board and found a way to incorporate the delivery aspect of SnapWag into the logo itself (knowing it was likely the largest reason as to why someone would buy), while still upholding the friendliness of the former brand.

The logo had been decided, but the branding process had just begun. First, the color palette was expanded, with a dual purpose of showing distinct flavors and to inject some more fun into the brand.

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Food bag packaging, bowls, and custom shipping boxes were all designed to spec with this new brand look and feel.


As a last step, the brand language needed to extend to SnapWag’s website. I illustrated icons to show the different products SnapWag offers through their online store.



SnapWag is less than a year old and sales continue to rise as the brand establishes itself in the premium dog food market, taking orders from over 20 different states across the country. That's a lot of happy dog bellies.